Welcome to Beauty Saving The World© a Non-profit Mexican Asociación Civil organized in 2006.

With 52 million people in poverty and starvation in Mexico BSTW is

delivering villages with our Humanitarian Food Relief Bags.

Join us to Combat

What We Do is Deliver BSTW Humanitarian Food Relief Bags to people in poverty Villages in Mexico.

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Why do we Need your Donations?

  • With 52 million people in poverty and starvation in Mexico BSTW is delivering villages with our Humanitarian Food Relief Bags.

  • You can help by donating any amount: $1.00, $3.00, $5.00, $100.00 or more per month, or a one-time donation.

  • Your tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated and will help us with our mission.
  • Each BSTW Humanitarian Relief Food Relief Bag we deliver costs $7.00 and our 3-pound potato bag is $1.00.

BSTW Humanitarian Produce Relief Bag $ 7.00

3 pound Potato bag

Potato Bag

BSTW Humanitarian Food Relief Bag $ 7.00

How Do We Do It?

Our Way: KISS. ( Keep it Stupid Simple) for less cost and more food.

  • We don't pay to maintain storage or offices. This way the saving goes to our missions. "Food on-demand"
  • Charity Casino.
  • Your tax-deductible Donation.
  • Volunteers source the BSTW food for the people.
  • Volunteers deliver the food to the people in the poverty villages.

Your tax-deductible Donation

Volunteers source the BSTW food for the people

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-23 at 1.17.28 PM

Volunteers deliver the BSTW food to the people in the poverty villages.

You can transfer the lives of more peoples living in poverty with your donation today...

  • Our Mission goal with your donations and the support of our volunteers
    is to deliver 20,000 BSTW Humanitarian Food Relief Bags per month.
Global Humanitarian Relief

More than 50 Missions around the World

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Meet our Founder

Kurt Clements

BSTW was established in 2006 by Kurt Clements.

While traveling around the world and visiting various countries, he started to notice what so few do, Poverty and Starvation.

Kurt Clements decided to make it his mission to provide humanitarian food relief.


Rebecca Moore

It gives me great pleasure to join BSTW as the executive director of fundraising and community development projects.

A lifetime of promoting and developing businesses has prepared me for this next exciting chapter in my life

Social Media Director

Michaela Coad

I am so excited to be joining such an incredible group of volunteers here at BSTW as the Social Media Director and Public Relations Specialist.

As the youngest volunteer, I am able to bring in new ideas and insights to our mission to help feed those in need.

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